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But maybe, just maybe, they can survive… 💪 But it will take a small business revolution.

I am a hypocrite 🚨

I make my living by marketing for small and local businesses yet I choose Amazon over the local shops in my community too much because its convenient and cheap. 

Way too much. 😟

Don’t get me wrong, I support my clients 100%! I love them and am eternally grateful for every one of them.

I’ll fight you over them! 

When you buy from me I definitely buy from you, and I TELL EVERYONE ELSE TO BUY FROM YOU TOO with no expectation of the same (but that’s just me). But that’s not enough. I can do better.

I’m going to make it a point to get out and shop small and shop local first when possible even if its less convenient, even if they aren’t my client.

…YET. 😈 

I’m not bashing Amazon. I’m in tech and they have built a great business by providing a great service. This is what is done to earn success.

One of my strengths is my “vision”.  (In my not so humble opinion 🙂 My eye sight sucks from staring at this screen for 20 years but I can see the future, kinda. I can see what’s going to happen with these online behemoths and its not good. Really, it’s already happening and there ain’t no stoppin’ it!

The problem is Small Town USA isn’t paying attention. The town I live in is pretty much always 5 years behind (at least 🙄) and they don’t know what’s coming down the pike.

Or around the holler.

Or, yonder.

Or, over the crick. Or…

“I get all my business from referrals”.

Said every business that’s now out of business

I just want to help more businesses.  I want to help spark a small business revolution!  

Support Local Businesses

They say people vote with their money…💵You NEED to vote for your local businesses, wherever that might be…🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️As I filmed these businesses around Woodland Hills I saw so much more than just a store that sold a few items…These hardware stores, yoga studios, and surf shops are central to creating communities in these various niches… Pulling from my own experience, when I bought a surfboard from Surfboards by Kennedy, I wasn't just getting a surfboard. I was invited to this surfing subculture by people who really knew about surfing and knew how to help me in my journey to become a better surfer. With my vote of support, I was contributing to creating a community around surfing in Woodland Hills… Any interest you might have, I assure you there is some local business that is trying to create a community around that niche. If you want your city, town, or neighborhood to be vibrant, to be a place that people want to go, you NEED to invest in your local businesses.

Posted by Sam Donner on Monday, May 7, 2018

It’s simple, if we don’t support the local mom and pops now they will keep disappearing. Towns will dry up and that’s not good for anyone. Except for the Amazons WalMarts and their stock holders.

Amazon is eating the big guys and gaining speed!

Toys R Us. Gone.
JC Penney. Closed 138 stores.
Sears / KMart. Closed 300 stores.
Radio Shack. Closed 1,000 stores!
The Limited. Closed ALL stores.

Every grocery store on Earth… you’re next!  Ever hear of Amazon Fresh?

Blockbuster… Netflix ate them.  Blockbuster even had the chance to buy Netflix for $50 million and laughed at them and turned it down.  Today Blockbuster is out of business, Netflix is worth $153 BILLION!  #dontbeadumbass

Payless Shoes and every local shoe store… Zappos zapped the shit out of them.  Poof!  400 stores gone.  Not out of business yet but treading water.

Realtors… Zillow and Trulia have plans to make you unnecessary.

Mortgage and loan officers… automated web apps are already cutting this industry deep.

Website designers… yeah, cheap and automated can already be found.

True, most of these services still suck a little but they are improving every damn day.  Are you?  Am I? 

Is your mom?  

UPS and FedEX… well… uhh… you’d better look out for a little new business service called SWA… “Shipping with Amazon”. You built their business by delivering their boxes and did such a good job that you taught them how to make even more money by eliminating you too.

By the way, I just got tired of typing these, there are tons more.

How many little guys are already gone or almost dead? ☠

How many restaurants in your town are NOT chains or franchises?  (side note, did you know McDonalds french fries have 19 ingredients?  WTF?  The local diner’s fries have 3 potatoes, oil, salt! #localisbetter)

How many clothing stores are not corporate?

Trends… pay attention!

So how do you help? Easy, just go out into your community and visit the smaller, non-chain, stores whenever possible. Even if you can order from Amazon in your underwear.  Don’t let them go under!  Don’t let them quit.

small business owner quits
Can the mom and pop shop survive?

Usually, you will get better service and build a relationship if you take the time. Just don’t show up in your underwear.

We vote with our dollars and every dollar that stays local will help that local community no matter where you live.

One dollar at a time. 💸💸💸

This has been done before

Beer did it. 🍻

Not that long ago there were only GIANT breweries. Budweiser, Coors, Miller and the like. That didn’t stop local craft breweries from stepping up their game and competing.

Offer a better product and great service to a local crowd and viola!  


You can help. When you do get good service at a great local place, do them a favor and give them a shout out on social media.  If they run a special giveaway marketing event, enter it and share it. Tell someone. Tag them. “Check in”. Drop a review. Its hard for them to get the word out when even when they do have great service.  (pssst… hey, business owner… ask your customers for these things…. #marketingtip)

If you want them to survive they need a little help. 🗣🗣🗣 Or just picture your future when all you seem to say is “remember that one place…”

sorry we're closed
Outta business 🙁

You Can Help Local Businesses

👇 You can start by sharing this post with your favorite businesses to wake them up. Help them grow! 👇

📢 HEY Business owners!!! You gotta step it up too or you’re gonna go buh bye.

What got you here ain’t gonna get you there. #timesareachangin

It’s not rocket surgery… 🚀😷


Your customers/clients/patients need your help, and you can help them and get paid to do it.  But you gotta let them know!  Uuh… marketing, DUH!

The old standby “word of mouth” is great but it’s stupid as shit to sit back and wait for someone to find out about you! 🤔#donybethatguyorgirl

Lots of free ways to do it like make a post on your website, post on your social media, ask for referrals, talk to people.  I repeat, talk to people.

Go ask who needs help.

Solve problems.

Get money.  #easypeasylemonsqueezy

Go ask for the sale!

If you don’t want to do it yourself or you just don’t have the time or knowledge to do it, hit me up and I can do it all for you and grow your sales with a consistent, predictable marketing system. (see what I did there?) 💪

#shoplocal #momandpop #smallbusiness #entrepreneur#smallbusinessrevolution

Band together and save small town USA!  One Main Street at a time. 

Drop the name of your favorite local business in the comments!


Know a business owner that could use some help? Check out my free group where I teach some design, advertising, and digital marketing strategies, skills and techniques to help grow small businesses.

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Why do I need SSL on my website? Tue, 27 Nov 2018 16:31:43 +0000 SSL, HTTP, HTTPS, SERVERS, CYBER CRIMES, SECURITY… ???

Just tell me…why do I SSL on my website?

The short answer is you just do because Google says so and I agree!  But I’ll try to explain.

I’m pretty good at speaking “techno-babble” and getting that glazed eye look back at me but I’ll try to give you just the skinny here.  No reason to break this down to you when all you want is your small business website to work.

What is SSL?

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer and it’s a standard security technology for creating encrypted links between a web server and a browser.

Basically, it’s your electronic passport.

It tells the browser stuff like who owns the website, a serial number, expiration date, digital signatures… and more techno babble…

Why do you need SSL on your website?

The first simple answer here is… security.  If you have any e-commerce, or memberships, or log ins with user names and passwords you must have it to encrypt sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, user names and things like that.  MUST.

If you don’t have one then all info is up for grabs and those cyber criminals can have a hay day with your info and worse yet, your customer’s info.

Cybercriminals are very smart and they write programs that go around and look for holes in the castle wall then storm and pillage everything inside!

The second reason is just TRUST.  If your website isn’t secure browsers now show a message saying your site is not secure.  Is that what you want your customers to see?  Not a chance.  It must be secure.

People think about these things.  They say inside their heads “do I really trust a business that doesn’t care enough to have a secure website”?  “Is it even a real business”?  “It must just be a hobby for them”?

None of these are good for business.

The next most important reason why you need an SSL is to rank higher in Google.

NOTE:  This is a HUGE reason!  Truthfully, they are all huge.

Google is the reason small businesses are able to make money.  Without being listed in Google, or their maps, many just wither and die.  People Google what they want to buy and from whom they want to buy.

Google made this official by announcing that the warnings would start and the deadline to upgrade was July 2018.  It came and went.  We made announcements and posts about it but the small business owners just didn’t pay attention or understand it.  We didn’t force it on those that didn’t respond.  I wasn’t see much negatively so we kept watching.

Then Google added the “mobile first” announcement and things changed.  Rankings dropped.  I had seen enough.

We’ve been helping small business owners with their website design for 20 years.  Time to kick my clients into gear.  Tough love.

You must be mobile first and you must have SSL on your website!  Period.

-Pat Cherubini

How do I get SSL on my website?

This is the easy part… just ask us.  We have a special clients only price set up and we do it all for you!  Couldn’t get any easier.  We love our clients.

Not our client yet?  For shame!  Maybe someday you’ll see the light.  We still love you and want to help you.  Comment below and we’ll point you in the right direction if we can.

Wanna geek out on SSL?  Here are some resources:

Does your website need an SSL certificate? – Go Daddy
Does your website really need SSL? – Nuts and Bolts Media
What happens if I don’t have SSL certificate? –
A secure web is here to stay. – Google Security Blog

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If You Want Your Website To Rank… You HAVE To Be Mobile First Mon, 26 Nov 2018 18:01:33 +0000 Pat here… I won’t say “I told you so… BUTTTT…” 😂😂😂😂

I am starting to get notices that Google is officially RANKING BASED ON MOBILE FIRST!!! (started getting warnings 2 years ago!) Can’t believe it took this long.

What does this mean? It means because, from my analytics, 80%+ of website traffic is from phones, Google now only cares about websites that are mobile. (ie you don’t have to pinch and zoom to read your site on a phone, it automatically re-sizes to make it easy to read on a phone etc).

Resulting in sites that are not mobile friendly NOT BEING RANKED!!! In their words… Mobile-First Indexing. 📱

In other words, if your competitor’s sites (all of them) are mobile and yours is not… you will be ranked UNDER ALL OF THEM. Soooooo… if you waited to upgrade your site things just got less “ranky” for you. Better get your web designer to help you out.

I recommend your friendly neighborhood web chick Angie Cherubini 😍but her waiting list is about to get longer. 🕛🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝😴

Message her now! 🚀…/t/angie.franciscocherubini/

From Mr. Google himself:

Mobile first indexing enabled for [Your Website]

This means that you may see more traffic in your logs from Googlebot Smartphone. You may also see that snippets in Google Search results are now generated from the mobile version of your content.

Background: Mobile first indexing means that Googlebot will now use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking, to better help our (primarily mobile) users find what they’re looking for. Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have historically used the desktop version of your site’s content, which can cause issues for mobile searchers when the desktop version differs from the mobile version.


In summary, Google ranks sites based off of LOTS of signals.  One of these signals that is becoming a very big deal is having your website be “responsive”.  That’s just fancy web designer talk for “it works on all devices”, or it adjusts to phones to make it super simple on them.

The reason is that Google wants its users to be happy with the results they give them for a search.  If you search for “web design in Newark, Oh” and it showed you The Cherubini Co and you clicked on it but it was not mobile friendly and you couldn’t read it or use it… What happens?  You leave!

If this happens over and over eventually you’ll stop using Google.  They know that so they are trying to fix it. i.e. They lose money!

Comment below if you have questions on your sites “mobile firstness”.


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Hitting New Records in a New Niche Mon, 09 Jul 2018 14:08:12 +0000 New client, new campaign, new niche…

And only 6 days in! 

I’ll tell you how many leads in a bit… you won’t believe the number, but I will tell you. Promise. 


Ya know, customer DATA. Name, email, phone number of your past, current and potential future customers.

Did you know data is more valuable than Bitcoin, oil, and GOLD?

All the huge companies are collecting data. Simple. Gather the data then market to it over and over. I call them all LEADS as in “leading to the next sale”.

Sales secret; the 2nd sale is easier to make than the first. If you have the data you can make another offer and get that 2nd and 3rd sale. And on and on.

This new client of mine is a large family business. Over 50 years old. Thousands of customers. Nationally known as a leader in their industry. Thriving.

But they want more. (I like that)

Yet… no data. No way to make offers to their potential, next, past or even best customers. No way to offer special promotions. No predictable way to INCREASE SALES.

They have a website.

Their social media (Facebook) is FANTASTIC!

Great posts.


Awesome engagement.

Raving fans.

Exactly how it should be done.

Yet, it was shrinking due to Facebook’s “algorithm”.
(tech talk for “You have to pay FB to get your own posts shown to your own fans” otherwise they just show the posts to a small percentage of your fans)

Back to the leads…

Ready for that number?

I’ll type it out so you know its not a typo.

Six Hundred and Eighty leads in 6 days! BOOM!
And they are even in their slowest month!

And we’re just starting. We are only in the testing and collecting stage. Just wait until we start selling. Not to mention their busy season. 

This is a great case of “do it right first THEN ad the gas” with ads and blow it up!

You need 3 things to grow a business with sales funnels.

1. Gotta have a great product that you believe in. 
2. Have an offer that converts. 
3. Advertise that converting offer! (BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!)   

It only works in order. 1-2-3. Lots of businesses are starting at 3 with boosting or thinking their offer is “go to my website”.


Product – Everyone is selling something. Product, service, information, appointments, phone calls… If you don’t believe in it 100% why should your prospect? Here’s a hint, they won’t.

Offer – Your offer needs to hit your market right between the eyes in a way that they say yes when the time is right. i.e. If you are in a crowded mall full of prospects and you stand up on a chair and yell it out… and people buy it. That’s a good offer.

Expert tip: Once you get a good offer, you need to OFFER IT! Daily.

If you ain’t yellin’ you ain’t sellin’.

Thou shalt work the offer every day!

By the way… Why are you scared to post your offers on your personal wall? My guess is that you don’t believe in your product 100%.

Ads – This is the gas! If 1 and 2 are strong THEN the sky’s the limit. There is no marketing budget if these two are converting. A strong conversion rate should get you a strong ROAS (return on ad spend) and it works like this… spend $1 on ads and get more than $1 back in sales.

Got a shitty product or shitty offer? How about no offer? When was the last time you bought a bad offer?

If you have a poor offer or product, you can’t spend enough on ads to get it profitable. Get it?

BUT… Advertising good products with good offers… now we’re talkin scale city.

Recent numbers from another client… $16 to $1 return on ad spend. *results not typical but neither am I. 

Question #1: If I gave you $16 back for every $1 you gave me… how many dollars would you give me? 

Question #2: How many leads did you get in the last 6 days? 

Question #3: Which question hit you the hardest?

Tough love.

If you think you are ready to grow and want to see if your business qualifies (lots don’t), hit me up and let’s start a conversation.

I’d love to help you either way.

If you skipped down here to see the number of leads… I’m not going to tell you! JK. I buried it in the middle of the post. Re-read it fool! 

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After 21 Years In Business Cherubini Designs Becomes The Cherubini Company Wed, 11 Apr 2018 22:46:05 +0000


To be able to say Cherubini Designs has come full circle is an understatement.
We are just starting a new chapter in our book of life and business.

As I reflect back when we started our business Cherubini Designs 21 years ago I always come back to the reasons why.
Was it money?  Well sort of but not exactly.

I always knew I wanted to do something creative and I loved talking to people.  Yep Type A here…if you know me you know what I am talking about!  Pat was a part owner of Boat Boys in Heath and we needed an income from me to get us by in the winter.  Boats don’t really run well in freezing weather and boy does Ohio have too much of that!  We KNEW we didn’t want to put Chase (our oldest son) in daycare so we had to do something.  We wanted at least 1 parent to be able to experience the milestones and be there for every sickness or school function.  It was just our choice and we were willing to give up money to do so.

So, Pat purchased the newest website design software on the market for me; Corel Website Design Suite.  Honestly, it was the ONLY thing on the market back then!  Heck, Yahoo was the only search engine and there were no joke only 2 entries per page or maybe 5 for a search.  Yep I am THAT old!

I began to teach myself design from a book that was 3 inches thick.  Again, if you know me I don’t read manuals.  It is easier for me to just dive in and play.  That is the artist in me!  So I started with friends and family sites to build my portfolio and that is all she wrote!

Ok, now what do we do?

I began cold calling and visiting local businesses sometimes with Chase in tow.  Newark is a small town where everybody knows everyone else and who doesn’t love a baby???  Not only are babies chick magnets they are business magnets too!

After a year and a half of this, it was finally time to really take our business to the next level and I needed Pat home to do so.  It took him all of 2 seconds to say yes and I now had a partner in the business and most importantly in raising our kids all day long!

We were able to now scale the company quickly by adding more auto dealerships to our list.  These brought us a monthly recurring income while I was gaining new design clients.  I won’t go into all the details but the years to come we would build a large portfolio and  start and develop online marketing at the same time coaching our boys and girl (yep 3 kids now) in almost every aspect of their athletic endeavors.

Yep we can honestly say we were there for them through it all.  Pat coached and went to almost every soccer, hockey and lacrosse game.  We were and are able to see every volleyball game even though my butt hurts to do so!  Who ever invented wood bleachers should be shot!  lol

So I guess I am saying we did it for time and family and lifestyle.  Money came too, not as much as we really would like but we live comfortably even though most of my family and friends haven’t a clue what we do.  They think we sit in the hot tub all day drinking margaritas.

Well, we do….have our staff meetings in our hot tub!  Our staff meetings are usually in the morning and evening which include our kids now.  Yep, they want to finally do what we do.  How freaking cool is that?

So this is why I say we have come full circle.  My oldest just turned 21.  My business just turned 21.  I used to haul him around with me to land and take care of clients.  I carried him around and now, he wants to carry on the business along with his brother.  So this is why we changed the logo and have a new website.

And so Chapter 2 begins….

Join us in our journey!  Tell us about yours or tell us what you really want to do.  Maybe we can help!  Lord only knows we have been through more ups and downs in the market and still survived.  Somehow we survived.  I think we were “Destin”ed to help others do the same.  Our picture is from my favorite Florida vacation spot Destin.  Our logo for this site and for the group encompasses what we love about Destin.  Join our group on Facebook at:



Boy has OUR site changed over the years!

I retrieved these from the site so some of them are not complete.  Images don’t always archive very well and Flash doesn’t at all.  Enjoy these though!