Welcome LV Booster Supporters!

Hi we're Pat and Angie!

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It's important for us to support the local community.  Our 3 children were raised and attended Licking Valley and participated in activities and sports from volleyball to lacrosse.

We started the lacrosse program at Licking Valley, coached High School and Middle School, and watched countless young men grow and take the sport to the next level.

Because of our love for the school system, we are offering our basic website design services starting at $1,800 vs. our normal starting fee of $3,500.

We do offer another option where you get a basic site and complete online marketing system for a setup of just $997 and a monthly fee of $297.

For either option, we will donate $100 of your setup fee to the boosters.  Either call, text or fill out our simple form.  Don't forget to tell us you are a booster supporter!

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