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About The Cherubini Company


A Family Owned and Operated Website Design Agency

2024 marks our 26th year serving our clients with custom web design and marketing services!

Cherubini Designs was founded by me, Angie Cherubini in 1998. Since then, my husband Pat Cherubini has joined me and we’ve grown into the GO TO website design company and digital marketing agency in Newark, Ohio and have clients nationwide.  We proudly serve Newark, Columbus, New Albany, Granville, Johnstown as well as Tampa, St. Pete and beyond!

Website Designer in Ohio is what I am, and Pat is the ads guru.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients not only get a beautiful website but a website that is built to improve their brand and to make money for our clients.  Our results are their results!  My team and I have completed over 457 projects for local businesses over the last 20+ years and we can’t wait to help you too.


Meet The Team: on a personal level.

Angie Cherubini,Co-Owner, Consultant & Lead Designer

Angie Cherubini

Angie was your rock collecting, play in the dirt little girl. A high school & Ohio Glory cheerleader (AKA Glory Girl), and Ohio State grad. She’s always been an independent woman. Stay at home mom turned business owner and entrepreneur. Oh, and CrossFit nut! Now, a colon cancer survivor, she not only does website design, but she also loves to share what she has learned to overcome cancer.

She is the designer of the family. Websites, logos, landing pages and everything that needs an artistic touch. She’s been the creative genius behind 100’s of local business’s websites and marketing pieces. She still gets her hands dirty in the creatives but now is focusing on leading the creative team into the future.

Angie, (Mama Bini), is definitely the Mother Hustler of our team and clients and the glue that holds us all together.

Pat Cherubini,Co-Owner, Coach & Ad Specialist

Pat Cherubini

Pat was your typical shy kid. A high school benchwarmer, college drop out and non stop dreamer. He is a former grease monkey boat mechanic turned business owner and entrepreneur.

He’s spent thousands of hours coaching both his kids and other’s kids in youth sports. Now he spends his time on coaching his kids and his clients on marketing and advertising and learning new skills so he can jump on “what’s next”.

Pat, (Coach Bini), is the Chief Executive Dad. Both to his family and to his clients. Forever looking forward for the benefit of us all!

Hannah Cherubini, Designer

Hannah Cherubini

Hey everyone 👋🏼 I’m Hannah Cherubini and a designer for the Cherubini Company.Here’s a little back story for ya!

I’m married to Angie and Pat’s oldest son, Chase. We’ve been together for almost 12 years and been married two. I’ve been around a for a long time you could say 😂. I went to college for a few years and changed my major a ton of times. I became an STNA and was going to pursue a career in nursing. But, I QUICKLY found out that I didn’t want to do that.

Chase dropped out of college and started working for his parents. And then I became interested in designing websites. The first site I ever designed was in 2018 and for a safe company. I instantly knew that this is what I wanted to do.

Fast forward to now, still designing sites and still LOVE it. 🫶🏻. Aside from designing, I spend most of my time entertaining my high energy crazy dog. He’s a Vizsla named Goose that has been making me have more patience. IYKYK. 😵‍💫

I also enjoy working out, 3 mile walks with Goose, iced coffee from my favorite local coffee shop, camping, hiking, off-roading, reading, spending time with my fam and friends, Pinterest, jamming out to Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, Fergie, or anything really 😂

I’m not a big beach person like Pat and Ang are but still love to travel and I’m thankful my job allows me that. 🙌🏼
I’m so excited to meet more of you and keep designing sites.✌🏼

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