Now that you're a part of the family... Welcome to our Video Marketing OnBoarding program! We have created this page to help guide you through the process this month of creating your secret sauce. We will use this page to list videos and guides for you to revisit if needed.

We do have a few things we need you to do right away!

  1. Fill out our form - this gives us information to begin our process.
  2. Sign-up for your first call!
  3. Load up your contacts file
Step 1

The first step is to fill out our form below and hit submit! We promise your information is safe with us.

Step 2

It's time to pick a slot for your onboarding call! Call times are only 30 minutes each and needed once a month.

step 3

It’s very important that we re-engage all your lists! We want to first introduce what you are going to be doing. Then we will be sending an email to the list twice a month. Compile csv files of all your contacts, name the file with your company name, and then upload them to our account.

The video demonstrates how to export Gmail contacts.  You will also want to export contacts from any third-party system.

If you need assistance with this we can help you during the onboarding call!

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