The Team – AKA The Media Mafia

The Cherubini Company Team
Pat was your typical shy kid. A high school benchwarmer, college drop out and non stop dreamer. He is a former grease monkey boat mechanic turned business owner and entrepreneur. He’s spent thousands of hours coaching both his kids and other’s kids in youth sports. Now he spends his time on coaching his kids and his clients on marketing and advertising and learning new skills so he can jump on “what’s next”. Pat, (Coach Bini), is the Chief Executive Dad. Both to his family and to his clients. Forever looking forward for the benefit of us all!
Angie Cherubini

Angie Cherubini

Angie was your rock collecting, play in the dirt little girl. A high school & Ohio Glory cheerleader (AKA Glory Girl), and Ohio State grad. She’s always been an independent woman. Stay at home mom turned business owner and entrepreneur. Oh, and CrossFit nut! She is the designer of the family. Websites, logos, landing pages and everything that needs an artistic touch. She’s been the creative genius behind 100’s of local business’s websites and marketing pieces. She still gets her hands dirty in the creatives but now is focusing on leading the creative team into the future. Angie, (Mama Bini), is definitely the Mother Hustler of our team and clients and the glue that holds us all together.

Chase Cherubini

Account Manager, Multi Media Specialist
Chase was your high energy-100% boy growing up pushing toy trucks, getting dirty, and running. Constantly! (the name Chase is fitting because that’s exactly what we did… chase him.) High school athlete excelling in hockey and lacrosse. Captain of most teams he was on. Now he spends tons of time at the CrossFit box, outdoors mountain biking, camping and even runs his own t-shirt company with his brother. Chase is a constant learner and has a knack for everything a digital marketing agency would want. From sales and customer service to marketing, advertising and even video and photography.

Blake Cherubini

Account Manager, Multi Media Specialist
Blake was not much different than his brother in a lot of ways, always outside, dirty and ornery. Still is. Another athlete playing hockey and lacrosse and golf. Quickly realized that school sports weren't as important as I thought... Now does CrossFit, and is a sponsored mountain biker! He's had some of the best experiences and met some of the best people through those two things. He also enjoys creating content. Whether that's for other people, his personal social media, or his YouTube channel. Blake is a fast learner in everything he comes in contact with and definitely a strange mix in him being both creative AND technical not to mention one that loves things done right! He’s our part-time quality assurance director.

Hannah Cherubini

Account Manager, Website Designer
Meet Hannah, the other half to Chase (not permanent yet but she’s a keeper!) She was your typical stubborn and shy little girl and has only recently started to break out of her shell (thanks to the #cherubiniinfluence). Hannah played softball, volleyball, basketball, and was a little gymnast for a hot second but of course decided to stick with cheerleading. She’s now a CrossFitter on occasion. Hannah is the organized one of the bunch. Only one of her many strengths we love! She helps to create websites, graphics, and is now taking the lead on organizing the new video marketing part of the agency. Hannah also loves to take pictures and travel with Chase and friends, her love of the outdoors and hiking can be seen in her blog posts and breathtaking pictures on OutsideTribe.com.
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