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How We Doubled This Small Town Dentists New Patients From 80 To 160 New Patients

Meet Dr. Dean.  Dean is a long time dental practice owner from a family of dentists.  He is in a small town with some new competition from the national chains and was seeing his numbers dwindle. We asked about what he was doing to get new patients in the chair and he said “as far […]

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How We Got This New Dentist From 20 New Patients Per Month To 61!

Meet Dr. Ryan. Dr. Ryan is a dentist in Grove City, Ohio.  He just opened a brand new practice in August and was growing.  Sloooowwwly. Going slow sucks! We helped Dr. Ryan go from 20 new patients per month to 61 new patients every month in just 30 days!  This forced him to have to […]

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Can There Be A Small Business Revolution?

Can the local businesses beat Amazon? Nope. And it’s all my fault! But maybe, just maybe, they can survive… ? But it will take a small business revolution. I am a hypocrite ? I make my living by marketing for small and local businesses yet I choose Amazon over the local shops in my community too much because […]

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Hitting New Records in a New Niche

New client, new campaign, new niche... NEW RECORD NUMBER OF LEADS!!! And only 6 days in! I'll tell you how many leads in a bit... you won't believe the number, but I will tell you. Promise. But first... DO YOU EVEN COLLECT DATA BRO? Ya know, customer DATA. Name, email, phone number of your past, […]

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After 21 Years In Business Cherubini Designs Becomes The Cherubini Company

To be able to say Cherubini Designs has come full circle is an understatement.We are just starting a new chapter in our book of life and business. As I reflect back when we started our business Cherubini Designs 21 years ago I always come back to the reasons why.Was it money?  Well sort of but […]

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If You Want Your Website To Rank… You HAVE To Be Mobile First

Pat here… I won’t say “I told you so… BUTTTT…” ???? I am starting to get notices that Google is officially RANKING BASED ON MOBILE FIRST!!! (started getting warnings 2 years ago!) Can’t believe it took this long. What does this mean? It means because, from my analytics, 80%+ of website traffic is from phones, Google now only cares […]

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Why do I need SSL on my website?

SSL, HTTP, HTTPS, SERVERS, CYBER CRIMES, SECURITY… ??? Just tell me…why do I SSL on my website? The short answer is you just do because Google says so and I agree!  But I’ll try to explain. I’m pretty good at speaking “techno-babble” and getting that glazed eye look back at me but I’ll try to give you […]

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The Cherubini company in Newark Ohio
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