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How We Doubled This Small Town Dentists New Patients From 80 To 160 New Patients

Meet Dr. Dean.  Dean is a long time dental practice owner from a family of dentists.  He is in a small town with some new competition from the national chains and was seeing his numbers dwindle.

We asked about what he was doing to get new patients in the chair and he said “as far as marketing goes, we were lost”.

Yes he is a long time dentist. 

Yes he is very successful. 

Yes he has “done it all”. and YES, he was LOST!

Sound familiar?

They had run their own ads.

Had a social media company post “generic” things like “Hey, It’s national chocolate day”!  …wonder why that one didn’t bring in new patients?

Oh yeah, and search engine optimization… etc.  Tried everything.

Dr. Dean said, “we spent a lot of money with very, very little results”.

Then he made me smile when he said he got “much more results from what you all have done than anything I’ve ever done before”.

From 80 new patients to 160 new patients over the same time period.  BOOM!

Watch him below and listen for yourself.

If what we offer interests you just reach out.


And then I ran a report I think we started in October or there about, right. October to this time. And I just looked at new patients and it like doubled it. We were like at 80, that same time period the previous year and 160 something. Awesome. Yeah. So I mean we’ve done some other things with some of that it definitely helps. Yeah. Okay. Great job.

Well, as far as marketing goes, we were lost. I mean, we shouldn’t be lost. We’d still got patients because of insurance. I’m on their plan. So, you know, I would ask you, how would you, how would you choose our office? Well, I looked on a sheet and there your name was, I live across the street, ya know, so here I come. You know, these ads that you all do, they kind of meet me sort of beforehand and I think most people about to, yeah, get more of a get to know you.

Yeah. Yeah. They just, um, they kinda are the people who have come from the ads and they’re like, well, that’s really cool. You look like a interesting guy and it looks like y’all had fun or something.

I actually use one of the messages to your Facebook as a way that we promote ourselves because one of them has been a long time ago said I love your ads. You know as people that are running ads, most people hate ads. Yeah. Cause they’re intrusive. But you know, the pictures you guys had were perfect cause it can see your personality. And we say it all the time that people buy from people they don’t know you. It’s hard to buy but they get to know you.

Before The Cherubini Company, what marketing were you doing and how did it work?

We had done, um, what had we done? You told us a little bit about it. Yeah. Now, now it’s like I’ve lost it all. You were stuck in a contract. Yeah. We had some contracts with sort of Facebook or social practice and they would post these things like you know, today is national chocolate day, you know, really generic things really. And, and you know, we, we would see, nobody would click on it.

We got no, no, nothing from it. You know we had one week that that one company, they were always working on in our, um, website, you know, the SEO, you know, search engine and code words or whatever you were to your keywords or whatever. We’re always working on that, that that’s really important. You know, you got to get to the top of the list and, you know, but we kept on saying, well, there’s only three names on the list, in Sunbury, it really doesn’t matter a whole lot. You’re at there, you know, whether you’re one or three, you know, they’re gonna probably click on you. So that, that really.. so, We spent a lot of money with very, very little results now, much more results from what you all have done than, than anything I’ve ever done before. Right. To hear that.

If somebody is on the fence about working with us, what would you tell them?

Give them a chance. You don’t sign a year long contract. Right. Cause I recall he has no contracts. Let them show Ya. No big deal. Don’t worry about it. It’ll happen.

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