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How We Got This New Dentist From 20 New Patients Per Month To 61!

Meet Dr. Ryan.

Dr. Ryan is a dentist in Grove City, Ohio.  He just opened a brand new practice in August and was growing.  Sloooowwwly.

Going slow sucks!

We helped Dr. Ryan go from 20 new patients per month to 61 new patients every month in just 30 days!  This forced him to have to hire new staff to take care of the influx.

Now he’s doubled his staff and increasing his campaign and working toward being famous and the top dentist in his area.  ?

Watch this case study as I break down his campaign, his numbers and you’ll even hear directly from him what he thinks about these ad campaigns that no one else has been able to figure our for him.

He said he paid “almost $7,000 per month for a radio ad that brought nothing”

… yeah, we can top that! ?



This is the story of Dr. Ryan. W Ryan is a new dentist, a newer dentist. He’s only been doing practicing dentistry about five years, fresh out of Ohio state. Um, started a brand new office built from scratch in August of 2018.

He was growing slowly. He has a great location and he, we had been in contact with him and we want to share this story about where he was and where he is now and where we think he can go. So Ryan was doing radio advertising. As everybody knows, if you open up a door and as a dentist or any business, you’re going to get a whole bunch of people knocking on your door, sending you stuff about wanting to do marketing. He tried it all. He was spending almost $7,000 a month for radio ads, nothing to show for it. He was getting about 20 new patients a month, which was mostly based off of his location. He’s in a high traffic location. Everything was going great. He just thought that was the way it was going to be. He was just going to grow slowly but going slow sucks. So we finally got ahold of him, he got ahold of us and we put together a little campaign the way we do things. And in February he had almost 20 new patients. We started at the very last day of February, I think in March he had 61 new patients in April. He had over 60 new patients and may get 60, You know, that’s the way it works.

He is actually ready to, I think he’s going to double his staff because he can’t handle anymore. And then he is going to ratchet up his ad campaign, which is going to fill him completely up. So I want to show you a few things. This is just going to, it’s like a quick case study. We’re going to walk you through some of his results. Uh, results vary. This is how we do things. So this right here is his landing page. We do really simple landing pages. We have specific ways we do things to generate leads. And as most people will figure out, everybody in my industry talks about selling leads. We do too, but we know actually what he wants our patients in the seat. So we deliver over 60 new patients to his office every month. Uh, we get a lot of leads and phone calls, but these are actual people butts in the seats.

So we do these little landing pages, we run ads to them.

dentist landing page
Simple Landing Page

Here’s a look inside of our ad manager. He is a little bit different. Like I said, this is not a conversion based lead campaign. It is a more of a branding campaign. He was brand new. We had to get his face out there and we are making him famous and he’ll vouch for that because he’ll say people all the time, I saw your ad, I saw your ICU everywhere. And that’s one of our goals. We want you to be everywhere. So this is Facebook. As you can see here. This is just, these are some of the ads we’re running. They’re very simple. Um, they are not discounts, they’re not coupons, they are just branding ads, making people aware of him. But we are still getting actual leads. We give them the option to get to become a lead on the ad even though that’s not it’s main intent.

Our dentist facebook ads
Facebook Ads Manager

But you know, we get 61 leads, 4,100 clicks. This is the reach and impressions the reach or the actual people. 61,000 people on Facebook have seen one of these ads and we have other ads, but just this ad campaign, um, 331,000 impressions, he’s becoming memorable. The crazy thing is the relevance score. Like I said, these are just branding ads with almost zero targeting. Facebook alone is trying to figure out who wants to see these ads and relevance scores. The lowest one is an eight. To me, that’s outstanding. People are seeing them a couple of times, you know, up to five times, which is is about as high as we want to go. You don’t want to get people tired of you, but you want to consistently show up in their feed to 41,000 clicks. We’re getting for 16 cents a click for dentists. I’m proud of that and a click through rate of almost 5% so again, a cold contact campaign.

Excellent results. In my opinion, this is our call system.  These are the people that are calling in to him directly from the ad. They are also able to find him on his own phone number, which we can’t track. We don’t want any part of that. But as you can see, you know these calls are coming in all over the his area. You know the longer ones. You can see our people probably setting appointments. We do record them. If he wanted, he can listen to them so he can hear what his front desk is doing, which if you’re not doing that, you’re losing money because your front desk, even if it’s a great person, are not doing their job. Just saying,

So this is our landing page. We got another 76 leads from there on, you know, 1.89% conversion rate going up. Not Outstanding. But again, this is a cold branding campaign awareness only and you can watch his full video here.

Landing Page stats
Landing Page Software Dashboard

This is our website. I’ll show you him. You’re about to hear exactly what he has to say about us. We also run some Google ads. We’re not doing it right now, but we’re getting ready to start this back up and we got another 64,000 people seeing ads like this pop up. They followed people all over the Internet, but the proof is in the pudding. This is our pudding. This is our opportunity database. This is every time somebody calls our tracking number or call or fills out a form to be contacted about having an appointment, we get a notification. We get a text that says, hey, somebody filled out the Dr. Ryan gets a text and if Dr. Ryan wants his face, his front desk, they can get a text. They also get emails. Every phone call, they get an email, every opt in form, they get an email.

Everybody is held accountable, so even the person that filled it out, we’ll get an email saying, hey, we’ve got your information. Here’s a little bit of speed. We start, we tell Ryan story about how he started and send them a few emails to get them to know him. This in turn leads to people giving him a phone call. So if they don’t, we capture, I’ve got this blacked out, you know, for privacy reasons, name, phone number, last name, all this stuff. Here is private information that we gather that he has. And then his staff calls them back immediately trying to set up an appointment, find out what they need. And if you know of an appointment is right, then they set that up. But as you can see here, we started on the first lead, came in on the 26th of February, and then on March here you can see in March, here are the leads that we got him just in March, I’m not going to count, but as you see we go down, down, down, come on, go down.

leads for our dentist
Dentist Leads

Those are the leads he got and he got 60 new patients. So you know, we can’t take credit for all of those, but we, you know, we tripled his business and his words. So you know, in April again you can see Lead, Lead, Lead, Lead Leed, these are phone calls and as you can see, they keep track. You can listen to the phone call right here. They can keep track of their follow up if they want to. They keep track of they scheduled or when they have to call back. This year is a, if it’s a new call caller, nobody that somebody who has never called before. So it’s true whether they answered it or not. Again, pay attention to your front desk because there’s a lot of calls that go in unanswered. Not with Dr. Ryan, but this is how we prove that what you’re paying for is worth it. And Dr. Ryan has now told us just this week that he is going to double his ad spend double campaign and we’re kind of see where that goes and it’s going to be a fun ride. So he is, like I said, he’s brand new, he’s in a big city suburb and he is growing and he is going to be a force because we are making him famous. So, and Ryan’s word, I’m going to leave you with him and I hope you enjoyed this. And this is Ryan.

So before working with the Cherubini Company
How was, how was the growth here?

Um, that was probably getting 20 new patients a month. I had a radio that was all over Columbus. Um, I was doing my own social media.

And I just thought that was the way I was going to be for a minute until things got some momentum. January, I didn’t do any paid marketing. I have 31 new patients just from my location or rebel. That’s good. That’s a lot. Well, February, February was a little bad because we were doing research. March I got blown out of water. I think I had like 67 new patients and that’s when I started panicking a little bit about hiring. So yeah, I don’t know what happened. Well I think I had about 60 yeah, that’s great. So, so you know what will happen when we double that we’ll run into like not I’m having to call people back and just looking bad. Yeah. Yeah.

And as I said, he’s not looking bad. He has set up his staff and he is getting ready to roll. So it is about nine days away from renewing his month where we actually ratchet things up and he’s ready to go and he’s going to crush it. So this is Pat Cherubini with Cherubini Company. Have a great day.

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