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Why do I need SSL on my website?


Just tell me…why do I SSL on my website?

The short answer is you just do because Google says so and I agree!  But I’ll try to explain.

I’m pretty good at speaking “techno-babble” and getting that glazed eye look back at me but I’ll try to give you just the skinny here.  No reason to break this down to you when all you want is your small business website to work.

What is SSL?

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer and it’s a standard security technology for creating encrypted links between a web server and a browser.

Basically, it’s your electronic passport.

It tells the browser stuff like who owns the website, a serial number, expiration date, digital signatures… and more techno babble…

Why do you need SSL on your website?

The first simple answer here is… security.  If you have any e-commerce, or memberships, or log ins with user names and passwords you must have it to encrypt sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, user names and things like that.  MUST.

If you don’t have one then all info is up for grabs and those cyber criminals can have a hay day with your info and worse yet, your customer’s info.

Cybercriminals are very smart and they write programs that go around and look for holes in the castle wall then storm and pillage everything inside!

The second reason is just TRUST.  If your website isn’t secure browsers now show a message saying your site is not secure.  Is that what you want your customers to see?  Not a chance.  It must be secure.

People think about these things.  They say inside their heads “do I really trust a business that doesn’t care enough to have a secure website”?  “Is it even a real business”?  “It must just be a hobby for them”?

None of these are good for business.

The next most important reason why you need an SSL is to rank higher in Google.

NOTE:  This is a HUGE reason!  Truthfully, they are all huge.

Google is the reason small businesses are able to make money.  Without being listed in Google, or their maps, many just wither and die.  People Google what they want to buy and from whom they want to buy.

Google made this official by announcing that the warnings would start and the deadline to upgrade was July 2018.  It came and went.  We made announcements and posts about it but the small business owners just didn’t pay attention or understand it.  We didn’t force it on those that didn’t respond.  I wasn’t see much negatively so we kept watching.

Then Google added the “mobile first” announcement and things changed.  Rankings dropped.  I had seen enough.

We’ve been helping small business owners with their website design for 20 years.  Time to kick my clients into gear.  Tough love.

You must be mobile first and you must have SSL on your website!  Period.

-Pat Cherubini

How do I get SSL on my website?

This is the easy part… just ask us.  We have a special clients only price set up and we do it all for you!  Couldn’t get any easier.  We love our clients.

Not our client yet?  For shame!  Maybe someday you’ll see the light.  We still love you and want to help you.  Comment below and we’ll point you in the right direction if we can.

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