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Can There Be A Small Business Revolution?

Can the local businesses beat Amazon? Nope. And it’s all my fault!

But maybe, just maybe, they can survive… ? But it will take a small business revolution.

I am a hypocrite ?

I make my living by marketing for small and local businesses yet I choose Amazon over the local shops in my community too much because its convenient and cheap. 

Way too much. ?

Don’t get me wrong, I support my clients 100%! I love them and am eternally grateful for every one of them.

I’ll fight you over them! 

When you buy from me I definitely buy from you, and I TELL EVERYONE ELSE TO BUY FROM YOU TOO with no expectation of the same (but that’s just me). But that’s not enough. I can do better.

I’m going to make it a point to get out and shop small and shop local first when possible even if its less convenient, even if they aren’t my client.

…YET. ? 

I’m not bashing Amazon. I’m in tech and they have built a great business by providing a great service. This is what is done to earn success.

One of my strengths is my “vision”.  (In my not so humble opinion ? My eye sight sucks from staring at this screen for 20 years but I can see the future, kinda. I can see what’s going to happen with these online behemoths and its not good. Really, it’s already happening and there ain’t no stoppin’ it!

The problem is Small Town USA isn’t paying attention. The town I live in is pretty much always 5 years behind (at least ?) and they don’t know what’s coming down the pike.

Or around the holler.

Or, yonder.

Or, over the crick. Or…

“I get all my business from referrals”.

Said every business that’s now out of business

I just want to help more businesses.  I want to help spark a small business revolution!  https://www.facebook.com/samueldonner/videos/2055737801416981/UzpfSTE1MzIyMzIwMTM6MTAyMTYxNTA3OTY3NTI2MjU/

It’s simple, if we don’t support the local mom and pops now they will keep disappearing. Towns will dry up and that’s not good for anyone. Except for the Amazons WalMarts and their stock holders.

Amazon is eating the big guys and gaining speed!

Toys R Us. Gone.
JC Penney. Closed 138 stores.
Sears / KMart. Closed 300 stores.
Radio Shack. Closed 1,000 stores!
The Limited. Closed ALL stores.

Every grocery store on Earth… you’re next!  Ever hear of Amazon Fresh?

Blockbuster… Netflix ate them.  Blockbuster even had the chance to buy Netflix for $50 million and laughed at them and turned it down.  Today Blockbuster is out of business, Netflix is worth $153 BILLION!  #dontbeadumbass

Payless Shoes and every local shoe store… Zappos zapped the shit out of them.  Poof!  400 stores gone.  Not out of business yet but treading water.

Realtors… Zillow and Trulia have plans to make you unnecessary.

Mortgage and loan officers… automated web apps are already cutting this industry deep.

Website designers… yeah, cheap and automated can already be found.

True, most of these services still suck a little but they are improving every damn day.  Are you?  Am I? 

Is your mom?  

UPS and FedEX… well… uhh… you’d better look out for a little new business service called SWA… “Shipping with Amazon”. You built their business by delivering their boxes and did such a good job that you taught them how to make even more money by eliminating you too.

By the way, I just got tired of typing these, there are tons more.

How many little guys are already gone or almost dead? ☠️

How many restaurants in your town are NOT chains or franchises?  (side note, did you know McDonalds french fries have 19 ingredients?  WTF?  The local diner’s fries have 3 potatoes, oil, salt! #localisbetter)

How many clothing stores are not corporate?

Trends… pay attention!

So how do you help? Easy, just go out into your community and visit the smaller, non-chain, stores whenever possible. Even if you can order from Amazon in your underwear.  Don’t let them go under!  Don’t let them quit.

Can the mom and pop shop survive?

Usually, you will get better service and build a relationship if you take the time. Just don’t show up in your underwear.

We vote with our dollars and every dollar that stays local will help that local community no matter where you live.

One dollar at a time. ???

This has been done before

Beer did it. ?

Not that long ago there were only GIANT breweries. Budweiser, Coors, Miller and the like. That didn’t stop local craft breweries from stepping up their game and competing.

Offer a better product and great service to a local crowd and viola!  


You can help. When you do get good service at a great local place, do them a favor and give them a shout out on social media.  If they run a special giveaway marketing event, enter it and share it. Tell someone. Tag them. “Check in”. Drop a review. Its hard for them to get the word out when even when they do have great service.  (pssst… hey, business owner… ask your customers for these things…. #marketingtip)

If you want them to survive they need a little help. ?️?️?️ Or just picture your future when all you seem to say is “remember that one place…”

Outta Business
Outta business ?

You Can Help Local Businesses

? You can start by sharing this post with your favorite businesses to wake them up. Help them grow! ?

? HEY Business owners!!! You gotta step it up too or you’re gonna go buh bye.

What got you here ain’t gonna get you there. #timesareachangin

It’s not rocket surgery… ??


Your customers/clients/patients need your help, and you can help them and get paid to do it.  But you gotta let them know!  Uuh… marketing, DUH!

The old standby “word of mouth” is great but it’s stupid as shit to sit back and wait for someone to find out about you! ?#donybethatguyorgirl

Lots of free ways to do it like make a post on your website, post on your social media, ask for referrals, talk to people.  I repeat, talk to people.

Go ask who needs help.

Solve problems.

Get money.  #easypeasylemonsqueezy

Go ask for the sale!

If you don’t want to do it yourself or you just don’t have the time or knowledge to do it, hit me up and I can do it all for you and grow your sales with a consistent, predictable marketing system. (see what I did there?) ?

#shoplocal #momandpop #smallbusiness #entrepreneur#smallbusinessrevolution

Band together and save small town USA!  One Main Street at a time. 

Drop the name of your favorite local business in the comments!


Know a business owner that could use some help? Check out my free group where I teach some design, advertising, and digital marketing strategies, skills and techniques to help grow small businesses.

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