Hitting new heights

Hitting New Records in a New Niche

New client, new campaign, new niche…


And only 6 days in!

I’ll tell you how many leads in a bit… you won’t believe the number, but I will tell you. Promise.


Ya know, customer DATA. Name, email, phone number of your past, current and potential future customers.

Did you know data is more valuable than Bitcoin, oil, and GOLD?

All the huge companies are collecting data. Simple. Gather the data then market to it over and over. I call them all LEADS as in “leading to the next sale”.

Sales secret; the 2nd sale is easier to make than the first. If you have the data you can make another offer and get that 2nd and 3rd sale. And on and on.

This new client of mine is a large family business. Over 50 years old. Thousands of customers. Nationally known as a leader in their industry. Thriving.

But they want more. (I like that)

Yet… no data. No way to make offers to their potential, next, past or even best customers. No way to offer special promotions. No predictable way to INCREASE SALES.

They have a website.

Their social media (Facebook) is FANTASTIC!

Great posts.


Awesome engagement.

Raving fans.

Exactly how it should be done.

Yet, it was shrinking due to Facebook’s “algorithm”.

(tech talk for “You have to pay FB to get your own posts shown to your own fans” otherwise they just show the posts to a small percentage of your fans)

Back to the leads…

Ready for that number?

I’ll type it out so you know its not a typo.

Six Hundred and Eighty leads in 6 days! BOOM!

And they are even in their slowest month!

And we’re just starting. We are only in the testing and collecting stage. Just wait until we start selling. Not to mention their busy season.

This is a great case of “do it right first THEN ad the gas” with ads and blow it up!

You need 3 things to grow a business with sales funnels.

1. Gotta have a great product that you believe in.

2. Have an offer that converts.

3. Advertise that converting offer! (BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!)   


It only works in order. 1-2-3. Lots of businesses are starting at 3 with boosting or thinking their offer is “go to my website”.


Product – Everyone is selling something. Product, service, information, appointments, phone calls… If you don’t believe in it 100% why should your prospect? Here’s a hint, they won’t.

Offer – Your offer needs to hit your market right between the eyes in a way that they say yes when the time is right. i.e. If you are in a crowded mall full of prospects and you stand up on a chair and yell it out… and people buy it. That’s a good offer.

Expert tip: Once you get a good offer, you need to OFFER IT! Daily.

If you ain’t yellin’ you ain’t sellin’.

Thou shalt work the offer every day!

By the way… Why are you scared to post your offers on your personal wall? My guess is that you don’t believe in your product 100%.

Ads – This is the gas! If 1 and 2 are strong THEN the sky’s the limit. There is no marketing budget if these two are converting. A strong conversion rate should get you a strong ROAS (return on ad spend) and it works like this… spend $1 on ads and get more than $1 back in sales.

Got a shitty product or shitty offer? How about no offer? When was the last time you bought a bad offer?

If you have a poor offer or product, you can’t spend enough on ads to get it profitable. Get it?

BUT… Advertising good products with good offers… now we’re talkin scale city.

Recent numbers from another client… $16 to $1 return on ad spend. *results not typical but neither am I.

Question #1: If I gave you $16 back for every $1 you gave me… how many dollars would you give me?

Question #2: How many leads did you get in the last 6 days?

Question #3: Which question hit you the hardest?

Tough love.

If you think you are ready to grow and want to see if your business qualifies (lots don’t), hit me up and let’s start a conversation.

I’d love to help you either way.

If you skipped down here to see the number of leads… I’m not going to tell you! JK. I buried it in the middle of the post. Re-read it fool!

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